1.4) Adjustment

In Adjustment, you can collect ground quantities per month or quarterly.


  • Choose Location in navigation menu.

  • Choose one of the locations.

To do adjustment

  • Click “Home” icon and choose "Adjustment" menu.

When the stock adjustment dialog opens up:

  • Choose Date.

To add new product

  • Click on “+”.

  • Enter the correct code.

  • Press “Tab”.

  • Choose Packaging Type.

  • Enter Quantity.

  • Choose “Stock Type”.

  • Click on “Calculate”, the calculated form will appear.

  • Click on “Save Adjustment”.

Stock Adjustment Form
Calculated Adjustment Form
  • Finally, to save your adjustment, click “Adjustment” from menu bar again.

  • You can edit the quantities of the products at this form.

  • Click “Close Adjustment” button.

  • The closed the adjustment amount will be displayed in the Stock List.

Close Adjustment Form