4.3) Purchase

By using this feature, you can add purchase vouchers that got from suppliers in the software.


  • Choose “Supplier” in navigation menu.

  • Click "Shopping Cart" icon.

To purchase from supplier

  • Choose the date.

  • Choose the Currency Type. If you choose "USD", you must also fill amount in "Exchange Rate".

  • Enter shipment number.

  • Choose the location that you want to send the products.

  • Fill trade term. (Optional)

  • Click “+” to add Product to purchase.

  • Check FOC or not.

To add products

  • Click on “+”.

  • Enter the correct code.

  • Press “Tab”. Choose the type.

  • Enter price and quantity.

  • To remove the Product, click on “-“.

Other fields and Payment are optional.

If you choose currency type "USD", all prices will be calcuated with USD.

Purchase Form