2.3) Route Sales

You can sell products by car.


  • Choose Location in navigation menu and place cursor in the search box and press "Enter".

  • All locations will appear.

  • Choose one of the locations.

  • Click "Route".

To make route sales

  • Click on “Sales” button from desired route.

  • Fill the Retail or Outlet customer.

  • Fill the invoice number.

  • Add the products.

To add products

  • Click on “+”.

  • Enter the correct code.

  • Press “Tab”.

  • Enter Quantity.

  • Choose Packaging Type.

  • Enter Quantity.

  • To remove the Product, click on “-“.

There are three discount types in the software.

  • Percentage: If you fill percentage amount, the calculated cash amount will automatically appear beside it.

  • Cash: It is simple. You can fill exact amount that give to your customer.

  • Lucky Draw: You can fill amount by seeing the lucky draw amount from products.

Net Amount will be automatically calculated.

You can add payment amount as you like and also leave some amount as credit.

Route Sales Form